The Wonderful Icon

ATTENTION Wonderful Icon Users! I need your help! The next version of The Wonderful Icon has some great new features, but development is completely stalled because of lack of Vista support. (The current version works under Vista, but many features are disabled.) I can't afford a new Vista machine, so I'm stuck! Can you help?

100% of your donation will be used to buy a Vista testing platform so The Wonderful Icon 3.0 can ship!

Email Me if you have a Vista-compatible PC or an unused copy of Windows Vista you don't need anymore. (Or email me for any other TWI-related reason!)

I've never asked for money for The Wonderful Icon before, but since development is at a standstill, it's crunch time for TWI's survival into the future. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy using The Wonderful Icon!

About The Wonderful Icon:

The Wonderful Icon 2.2 is a small Windows utility that resides in your PC's taskbar tray. Try it and you'll be hooked!

TWI has lots of wonderful features. With it, you can:

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